The pharmaceutical company Glaxo SmithKline were looking for a partner to supply a new tablet coating mixing vessel due to the introduction of a new product. A high-end tablet coating suspension preparation vessel was required complete with mixer and inverter drive to the clients exacting standards plus the unit had to be fully ATEX compliant and CE marked

A new type of mixer and vessel geometry were considered however there was no data or test results to confirm the suitability of the proposal. A porotype vessel was designed and built to provide proof-of-concept and under tight timelines due to the product launch this was fabricated and underwent extensive testing.

The success of the system enabled 8 full production vessels to be fabricated and built compete with supporting documentation and fully compliant with the customers requirements including installation and operational qualification.

The units were built to exacting standards and provided with a detailed audit trail and material certification as required by the pharmaceutical sector.

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